Rent your bike


Visiting Rome is an exciting and (often) very tiring experience. There are just so many things to see:           basilicas, churches, palazzos, parks, museums, fountains...

BikeByBus offers you a new, fun, eco-friendly way to visit what is surely the most beautiful city in the world, using their folding bikes in combination with public transport. Thanks to this intermodal approach, you can reach areas that are very far off the tourist itinerary, moving around at your own pace but never getting too tired because, when you need to, you can jump on the underground (bike in hand) and put your feet up.

Their folding bikes are attractive to look at, safe to ride and easy to fold, and they weigh just 11kg (24 pounds). You can take them on all forms of public transport free-of-charge.

Book your bike straight away and head off to discover Rome the way you want! They will deliver your bike directly to the B&B, in a time slot that suits you.

You can book now your bike in your site or we can think about it and let us find you the bicycle when you arrive or when desired.
BikeByBus offers a new, alternative and sustainable way to visit Rome, with the rental of folding bikes, which you can carry for free on public transport.